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I believe there are no coincidences.
It is You to determine your life.
It is You to chose your attitude and make all the decisions.
You just have to find the courage to do it!
Remember that you create your own life.
Read carefully the message you selected - it was meant precisely for you.
Take a minute to think about it, keep it or share it with your friends.

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One meeting is sufficient to change your fate. Have faith and hope, and it will happen.

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Happiness is within your reach. Open yourself to accept what you are given and reach out to get what you want.

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Respect and appreciate yourself. You are important and unique. When will you finally get that?

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Do You listen to yourself? Listen to yourself, your desires, your fears. Accept them. Let them go and be at ease with yourself.

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Focus on yourself, on your inner side. What is that you would like to do? What do you need for real? Give it to yourself.

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